The Community Engagement Alliance Consultative Resource (CEACR) was established to elevate best practices throughout CEAL and provide customized expertise to optimize inclusive participation across the research ecosystem. CEACR will serve as a conduit for community-engaged best practices by disseminating national CEAL resources to NIH-funded COVID-19 research teams seeking guidance. 

CEACR offers services to:  

  • CEAL sites
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • NIH-funded research teams working towards health equity

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  • Provide flexible, tailored consultations to a variety of end-users through its collaboration with Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH)
  • Establish sustainable community-academic collaborations that address the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on minority and underserved communities
  • Assist research institutions in increasing the trustworthiness of science and health care among underserved communities
  • Conduct community-partnered research to address COVID-19 and other conditions with health inequities
  • Promote efforts toward health equity

CEACR Accomplishments

  • Convened tailored expert panels from the CEAL Alliance (CEAL team, community partners, and other experts including CCPH) to promote inclusive participation and strategies to integrate diverse populations in research opportunities
  • Featured CEAL Alliance assets through tools, training materials, and resources relevant to the consult
  • Integrated principles of trustworthiness and research reciprocity through expert guidance on equitable practices in research

CEACR Consult Topics/Services

  • Developing community-competent outreach strategies and interventions
  • Employing principles of trust and reciprocity in institutional/clinical spaces
  • Enhancing the academic/community relationship
  • Humanizing the research process
  • Designing community-engaged research studies
  • Balancing research versus community needs and interests
  • Addressing vaccine hesitancy in minority communities
  • Building an inclusive research workforce
  • Understanding barriers to inclusive participation in research

Requests for CEACR services can be made using the CEACR Consult Request Form.

Interested in lending your expertise to CEACR consultees? Send your contact information, area(s) of expertise, and availability using this CEAL Panel Interest Form.


CEACR Speaker Series

Asian American Health: Unpacking Disparities to Find Solutions

In this roundtable discussion, community and academic leaders will discuss the historical underpinnings of contemporary disparities affecting Asian American communities and present evidence-based solutions from data disaggregation strategies to expansion of language access, health literacy, and culturally responsive care.

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CEACR Event Archive 

Humanizing the Study Participant Journey-Strengthening Inclusive Participation 

Guest speakers discuss the barriers and facilitators toward inclusive participation in research. This session highlights ways research teams can engage participants that meet enrollment needs while prioritizing the participant experience.

Watch Humanizing the Study Participant Journey-Strengthening Inclusive Participation here 

Successful Community Engaged Research: Humanizing Institutional Processes for Offering Proper Partner Compensation 

CCPH Deputy Director Paige Castro-Reyes shares guidance and best practices on delivering speedy and equitable compensation for community-based organizations (CBO) involved in research and public health initiatives.

Watch Successful Community Engaged Research: Humanizing Institutional Processes for Offering Proper Partner Compensation here 

Upcoming Speaker Series Topics 

  • Language Justice in Research, Language Equity 
  • Research and Community Workforce Development: Exploring Reciprocity 
  • Community Health Deputy Model 
  • Sustainability of the Community Health Worker (CHW) Model 
  • What is Trustworthiness in Research? 
  • Older Adults in Research

Want to be a speaker? Let us know here: CEAL Panel Interest Form. Please include any topic suggestions.